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Applying SSI to retail receipt digitization


Retail receipts will inevitably become digital

It's just a matter of time. The big question is how will it happen? Will our shopping data benefit third parties, or will it enrich the consumer? Will you be a pawn or a player in this game?

Tell me how

Sygnet digitizes receipts by employing the Self-Sovereign Identity paradigm. Thanks to this revolutionary approach, the precious data they contain can be fully utilized by the user, without intermediaries and privacy issues.

  • Digital receipts are issued in the form of cryptographically signed documents by the shops, and transferred directly to the consumer with no middleman involved.
  • Privacy protection is built in by design. Any data profiling is impossible without user’s consent and cooperation.
  • Users monetize their own data by being active participants in this process.

We deliver software for merchants and consumers, enabling them to transfer e-receipts and talk to each other directly. This process is automated for the user and happens in the background, without the need of technical knowledge or tedious interaction. Decentralized infrastructure and SSI backbone lets us operate server-free, without privacy issues, and at vastly reduced server costs.

+ Merchants
We provide them with software (plus optional hardware) for generating & transmitting of digital receipts to consumers' devices.
+ Consumers
We provide them with a mobile app for storing & processing of e-receipts, with additional services layer, e.g. spending statistics, loyalty programs and AI agents for data monetization through advertisers.
Target users

Sygnet’s e-receipts rewrite the relationship between merchants, advertisers and consumers. At its core Sygnet is mostly a B2B product targeting two groups of users:

+ Merchants
Based on consumer’s spending history, efficient loyalty programs can be constructed with minimum friction. Costs are also saved on paper and maintenance of POS units.
+ Consumers
Ultra-precise advertising is possible based on information contained in receipt history.

A B2C layer is also present through a relationship between consumers and both of the above groups. The consumers fuel the data stream in exchange for various perks, creating a well balanced, fully consensual ecosystem.

Innovative potential

Thanks to the flexibility of SSI, e-receipts are only stage one of a much larger service layer, chosen due to vast monetization potential. In later stages, Sygnet will become an SSI wallet with portable KYC, reputation, verifiable credentials etc.

Artificial Intelligence built around user data (stored on their devices) is able to represent the users in numerous online interactions.

Multi-dimensional identity support, operating within contexts, with intention-matching layer to create P2P markets.

Monetization models

Offering merchants tools to access our infrastructure and build loyalty programs based on the data contained in e-receipts.

Acting as a distributed data store for Big Data businesses - we create a market where consumers can sell their own data, while we charge them a fee for using software tools that facilitate that.

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