Own Your Digital Self.

To a large extent identity on the Internet today is still centralized – or at best, hierarchical. Digital identities are owned by certificate authorities, domain registrars and individual sites, not the users.

We create an alternative to this paradigm.

Sygnet is a platform for producing, managing and consuming self-sovereign identity. We make identity both user-centric and fully transportable.

Sygnet reinstates identity to its intrinsic owners and allows those who want to access information associated with somebody's identity to easily & reliably verify the validity of this information.

Sygnet offers a high level of security & convenience by engaging specialized third-parties, while letting identity owners stay in the driving seat by enabling them to keep those third-parties in check.

Sygnet lets the user control what information about him can be stored by a third-party, or disclosed by one third-party to another third-party, and consequently earn an income from the business value of this information.